Leadership Development

Honing, developing, and effectively applying good leadership is a key part of any leaders’ job and success. Our Leadership development is about developing and refining those key proficiencies.

Our Leadership Development Coach, Kristina DE RAEYMAEKER, has designed our offering, building on 20 years of HR experience.

Our Leadership Development

We offer leadership excellence coaching to support companies and individuals in two of their major challenges:

Building a strong internal leadership pipeline

The strong competition for top talent is a reality today. Recognizing promising individuals in the early stages of their careers and offering them personalized development opportunities is a crucial strategic investment to prepare them for future leadership roles.

Boosting the performance of newly appointed executive leaders

Taking a leadership role in a new company or climbing up the leadership ladder within a company requires a high level of self-awareness and a continuous self-reflection about one’s leadership style(s) as well as one’s level of emotional intelligence.

The HOW becomes more important than the WHAT and this requires to continuously challenge one’s behaviours.

How it works

Our leadership excellence coaching topics cover:

Career Boost

Getting ready for a career move or promotion

Emotional Intelligence

Excel as an inspiring and authentic leader

Effective teams

Getting the best out of individuals and teams

Personal balance

Anticipating stress and cultivating self-care


Smooth onboarding in a new role

Leadership styles

Easily adapt to situations and people

Being at your best

Building on your personal strengths

Usually, a coaching track contains a kick-off session to align on objectives, five to ten coaching sessions of 90 minutes and a closing session at the end of the journey.

The sessions can be spread over 6 to 12 months.

Our Approach

Leadership excellence coaching is about helping leaders to leverage strong self-awareness, emotional intelligence competencies and an authentic leadership style to build trust, to guide high performing teams, to gain self-confidence and to keep their personal balance.

We use diverse questionnaires combined with coaching to help our clients strengthen their self-awareness:

Emotional Intelligence

Strength Finder


Furthermore, we help you to understand how to mobilize these insights to find answers and solutions for your different leadership challenges.

Each session will lead to a concrete action plan and some homework in preparation of the upcoming session.

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Kristina is a Leadership Development Coach.