Burn-Out Coaching

Professional Burn-Out and the Need for Recovery.

Professional burn-out can be like a slow-burning fuse, leading to moral fatigue and a sense of inadequacy.

For managers and executives, understanding their roles, finding purpose, and receiving recognition are crucial for preventing and addressing burn-out.

Our Burn-Out Coaching Services

At our executive search boutique, we offer specialized coaching to help you navigate burn-out.
Our coaching services are designed to:

1. Early Recognition

We help you recognize the early signs of burn-out, bringing awareness to the situation.

2. Rebuilding and Self-Esteem

We guide you through the process of rebuilding and regaining self-esteem, empowering you to reclaim your confidence.

3. Smooth Reintegration

Our support continues upon your return to the company, ensuring a successful and harmonious reintegration.

Our Coaching Process

Our experienced coach will assist you in the healing process through a comprehensive program of approximately four sessions, each lasting about 1.5 hours. These sessions take place in a peaceful and neutral environment:

Session 1

We begin with an initial meeting, focusing on active listening and setting realistic goals.


We take time to name what has happened, to understand the ins and outs of your professional role.

Session 2

Assess your skills and define your values to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.


We will identify and evaluate your skills and competences, define your values to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and create a better match with the organization’s culture.

Session 3

Prioritize self-care, establish boundaries, and develop assertiveness tools to navigate the workplace effectively.


We work on previous deficiencies and limiting beliefs

Session 4

Explore emotional intelligence and receive valuable tips for (re)building and managing interpersonal interactions.


We will develop interpersonal interactions in line with a similar or new culture. This to ease, with courage, into a well-being and a self-fulfillment dynamic.

We can plan additional sessions as per your preferences and progress.

What to Expect

Our coaching sessions will foster a liberating understanding and guide you toward renewed self-esteem and a revitalized sense of purpose. You will gain the ability to reflect on your experiences and chart a path towards reconstructing the meaning of your work.

Our goal is to facilitate realistic and healing changes, allowing you to transition courageously into a state of well-being and self-fulfillment.

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Chantal CABUY

Chantal CABUY

Chantal is our professional coach, Certified Elan Vital Institute (ICF training).