Assessment & Development Center

You want the chemistry to be right, and everything else, as well?

Robertson Associates proposes an established methodology, comprising assessments, in-depth interviews, in-basket exercises, and role-playing scenarios. we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of candidates during our assessment or development center processes.

We meticulously analyze their leadership profile, interpersonal skills, and professional behaviors. Each assessment is tailored to align with the specific skills required for the given position and the distinctive characteristics of your organization.

Our Assessment and Development Centers serve a multifaceted purpose:

  • Talent Identification and Recruitment: Identifying and recruiting top talents by providing a holistic view of a candidate’s abilities, surpassing traditional interview insights.
  • Skill Enhancement: Tailored programs and assessments for individuals aiming to enhance skills or explore new horizons, addressing skill gaps and elevating competencies.
  • Leadership Development: Playing a crucial role in shaping future leaders by identifying individuals with leadership potential and providing training and development opportunities.
  • Personal Growth: Beyond the corporate realm, Assessment and Development Centers empower individuals for personal growth, addressing diverse needs such as improving communication skills, boosting self-confidence, or enhancing emotional intelligence.

Our Approach:

  1. An initial briefing with the client to comprehend job expectations, required skills, and the overall context.
  2. The Utilization of reputable tools, including:
    • Hogan Personality Inventory, Hogan Development Survey, Hogan Motivates, Values, Preference Inventory
    • Talent Tale tools such as professional skill ranking, Team manager, profile, Commercial Profile, and Manager Profile
    • California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™)
    • Thomas International
  3. The Development of customized in-basket simulations tailored to the specific profile and environment requirements.
  4. The Conduct of a 3-hour face-to-face interview with 1 or 2 consultants, dependent on the seniority of the position.
  5. The Compilation of a comprehensive written report, which is subsequently presented and discussed with the client.
  6. A Post-assessment debriefing with the candidate.