Executive Mentoring

Who Can Better Support a Leader than other CEOs with Decades of Similar Experience?

Our clients expect more than just excellent executive search expertise from us; they also seek guidance in leading their companies. Our solution, Executive Mentoring, is designed to fulfill this need.

For designing our solution, we are proud to collaborate with our long-standing partner, Visconti Partners, a European leader and trailblazer in executive mentoring, established in 2010.

Visconti offers a unique C-suite mentoring service:

  • With a presence in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium, Visconti has the capability to provide our services throughout Europe, catering to various languages & cultures.
  • Its network comprises 45 highly experienced CEOs, including former CEOs of publicly listed companies, group chairmen, accomplished entrepreneurs & senior executives from diverse industries and functions.
  • Visconti’ team acts as essential sparring partners for business leaders, aiding in enhancing their company’s value. They do not shy away from challenging our clients, as we aim to unlock their full potential and contribute to their company’s long-term success.

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European leader &
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