Our Executive Search Pledge In The Fight Against Climate Change Is By Transforming Leadership

October 9, 2023
Our Executive Search Pledge In The Fight Against Climate Change Is By Transforming Leadership

An Executive Search firm specializing in recruiting C-level senior managers for international clients must become a driving force in the fight against climate change. It can do so by transforming the way talent is sourced and matched in the corporate world.

This is what we want to do at Robertson Associates from now on.

How Our Conviction Came About

During a summer conversation with the CEO of a significant player in the mining industry, he was explaining to me why his industry had a substantial impact on global CO2 emissions and how he is working hard to reduce their carbon footprint.

He is adopting sustainable practices to secure the future of his company, challenged by a world where regulations will deeply impact returns and investment decisions.

But then the CEO asked me, “What about you, Headhunters? What is your part in this fight?”


I had no answer. I had never thought about it.

This interaction served as a catalyst for finding ideas to commit to contributing to a positive change. Luckily for me, executive search is about people, and people alone can influence climate change.

Brainstorming with my partners at Robertson Associates, we realized that our industry has said little on the topic so far, and this is our opportunity to be at the forefront of our industry’s transformation.


We see two ways to play a role:

Inspiring Our Clients

One pivotal avenue for change lies in altering the conversation around leadership recruitment. We will pledge to advocate for climate consciousness in every interaction with our clients. Rather than focusing solely on traditional qualifications, we will commit to highlighting candidates who possess a demonstrated commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices.

By encouraging our clients to prioritize candidates with a deep understanding of climate-related challenges, we can assist in nurturing leadership that will drive organizational initiatives to mitigate environmental impact.


Inspiring Our Candidates

Additionally, and this time toward our C-level candidates, we can invest effort into raising awareness about the critical importance of climate action. We understand that by educating executives about the relevance of their role in tackling climate change, we can inspire them to integrate sustainable practices into their decision-making processes.

As part of our approach, we can seek out candidates who possess credentials in climate action or a genuine awareness of the climate crisis, ensuring that our placements have the potential to drive positive change within their respective organizations.


Building Sustainable Bridges

Ultimately, our goal is to serve as a bridge between organizations seeking transformative leadership and visionary leaders striving for climate responsibility.

Through this commitment, we will contribute to a global shift in corporate culture—one that values sustainability, innovation, and social responsibility— and to a better future for mankind, let us hope!

Within the convergence of executive search and climate action lies an unparalleled opportunity.

Let us, my team and you, champion this alliance!



Pierre Collowald is a Senior Partner at Robertson Associates.