I have added Executive Coaching to Our Executive Search Services. Here is Why.

August 22, 2023
I have added Executive Coaching to Our Executive Search Services. Here is Why.
Searching for Executives is not enough anymore. We have added Executive Coaching to our lineup.

There are many strategic reasons for that.

For years Companies and Clients have asked me to provide Coaching Services and for years, I kept our focus on Executive Search. The post-Covid era and a continuously shifting talent search landscape, made me rethink what Executive Talents and Companies need in these disruptive times.

During many companies’ discussions, there has been this recurring topic; the ongoing business transformation and its impact on the organization and on the Executive Talent.

Candidates and newly placed Corporate Leaders are required to rapidly adapt, “hit the ground running” as we say ; Unfortunately, increasingly leaders across industries are failing to stick.

According to a recent McKinsey’s most recent report, 48% of Executive Leaders are considered as “failure”, 1 year after placement!

Today, as far as I know, the best proven method for successful leadership integration is Leadership Coaching.

To me this sounds like an interesting challenge to tackle 😉 So, let’s go! We will add Executive Coaching to our high-end placement services.

As a Talent Agency leader, I reflected on why our Corporate Clients ask us, for the best Coaching Services Partners. The first reason I see is Trust. As a boutique firm, we add value, because of the trust, we build with our clients.


A strong team of top international Coaches is the first step

Since Dec 2022, Robertson Associates is partnering with Liesbeth Van Loock and Frederic Chadelas; two Senior Executive Coaches with extensive industry expertise.

They are helping Executives through their Career Transition by reframing the Executives’ experience and by providing all insights about what the Corporate Search landscape is looking for right now.


Why Companies are seeking today our Coaching Services?

Large scale layoffs across industries, consolidation, and the emergence of rapidly growing new industries and technologies, continue to challenge Corporate Leaders and their organizations.

A CEO of a large manufacturing company recently told me very clearly; “Turnover is costly & internally managing coaching services has limited success. Large Corporate Coaching Partners often offer a protocol-based approach that is not necessarily a fit for our Executives Individual needs.”

Human Resources Leaders have been scrambling to find effective coaching services for their newly hired Executives.

I strongly believe that the firm I manage, has the unique privilege of knowing both the candidate and the company in dept. Our coaches have access to this protected intelligence and can quickly diagnose dimensions for development and support.”


Why Candidates Are Seeking Our Coaching Services?

  • How do you position yourself as a leader capable of incorporating new productivity technology like artificial intelligence?
  • What is the best way to network in a parallel industry that values the skills you have developed? What are those industries?
  • How do you position yourself for success when you were laid-off less than two years after you were hired or promoted to your last position?

These are questions Executives can most likely not sufficiently answer, just before a networking meeting – let alone a job interview.


Last, this new service flies with early adopting clients and candidates who trust us

I have the chance to count on some clients who have already embarked with me on this idea and given us, our coaches and me the opportunity to build and deliver the best possible service. Let me thank them here. The same goes for several top end C-level candidates who quickly asked us to benefit from our coaching services for their career transition.

Executive coaching is now fully part of our Executive search services.

Shall we do this together as well?



Pierre Collowald is a Senior Partner at Robertson Associates.