Talent Mapping

It is your strategic talent development plan for your critical executive position!

ROBERTSON ASSOCIATES assists HR specialists and Boards to plan for long-term talent acquisition, succession planning, diversity mapping, and general executive benchmarking.

Our Talent Mapping solution will give you a birds eye view of your current Executive landscape. We perform in-depth market search and conduct a confidential analysis of talent pools. This process reveals the big picture in a particular industry. The result is a comprehensive strategic talent development plan that saves time, mitigates risk, recruits and develops better executives.

Your benefits

  • A comprehensive mapping of the prevalent talent solutions required for making an informed decision for your current, or future, Executive Search requirements.
  • A plan for Diversity where we help you identify talent internally and establish relationships with diverse talent in your specific market.
  • A competitor analysis which include salary data, recruitment strategies and trends

Our offer

  • Our experienced team identifies talents in your industry segment through our range of Search methodologies.
  • We arrange interviews with a short listed pool of talent and continually engage with these talents to ensure awareness of your company remains high.
  • Comprehensive reports provide you with in-depth knowledge of the available talents.