Personal Improvement Strategy

Looking for Career Guidance?

Whether they are top athletes, businessmen, women of influence or politicians, the best are accompanied throughout their professional process. 

This programme gives you access to the same coaching.

Coaching for Frédéric Chadelas is about improving performance and maximizing potential.

Our Personal Improvement Strategy Enables you

To discover

your values

your needs

your life experience

all your human components

To understand

who you are

where you are

where you want to go

For whom

Individuals with the kind of drive that sees them striving to attain a promotion, or outperform themselves, need a coach who brings multidisciplinary expertise to their personal challenge.

If you are in a professional crisis or transition, his programme will provide you with solutions to cope with these delicate moments in your career or to move quickly towards the right professional opportunities.

Frédéric Chadelas is using formal or informal approaches leveraging high impacting coaching methodologies. He always reviews the effectiveness of his coaching. He will measure personal satisfaction and implementation of actions, as well as shifts in other’s perceptions of how the individual is performing.

How it works

Over 5 sessions of 90 minutes, you will complete this course with the ability to accurately describe your values and needs and to make choices with confidence. You will be the leader that companies are looking for: aligned, ready, serene, motivated.

It is of course possible to continue with additional sessions.

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Frédéric is a Senior Executive Coach responsible for our Leadership Coaching within Career Hub